Our Evolution

A Visual Look
Into DareToBeKind's Roots

Dare to be Kind a Global Movement’s website is a platform for sharing stories and ideas that reveal how each person can #BEtheDifference within their 2-mile radius.

helen and gabriella

In the Beginning...

The seeds of what would become this movement originated from painful beginnings.

With All My Might cover

Our Longing for Belonging

Founder Gabriella van Rij’s life story is notable as one of the first cross-cultural adoptions during a time when such things were unheard of. Her struggles to find belonging, which she wrote about in her first book, With All My Might, became character and purpose-defining.

G speaking

You Are the Cause's Best Ally

Not wanting any child to grow up feeling unable to cope, she began speaking at school assemblies across the US and was invited on Dr. Phil as a subject-matter expert on anti-bullying measures, after which she appeared on countless news channels and print media. “A cause that you are passionate about hides your own adversity,” says van Rij. “From that pain grows your biggest strength, which in turn makes you the cause’s best ally.”

Ball of Kindness

The Ball of Human Kindness

She articulated the ball of Human Kindness and expanded on the concept in 2012 with the #DaretobeKind campaign, which gathered momentum and is now #DaretobeKind a Global Movement.

We All Have a Story

The movement’s website has been created with the belief that we all have a story. And it is only through sharing our stories that we heal ourselves and help others. This platform is a safe space where we unsilence ourselves by sharing the good, the bad, the ugly. Because it is through this sharing of stories we become aware:
(a) we are not alone,
(b) we are capable, and
(c) we are the solution.

Now is the time for Kindness to grow more Kindness.

  1. The vision is a SAFER world.

  2. The method is KINDNESS.

  3. The vehicle is YOU!