Jun 13, 2018

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Enter to Win the Kindness Story Contest!

Hey, everyone! Many, many thanks to the kind individuals who took the time to share their stories with the #DaretobeKind community on this site. We appreciate each of you. What’s more, your story could be just what someone else needs to read TODAY so be sure to post it on social media.

Some exciting news for all our readers! The Kindness Story Contest is now open for submissions! Here are some quick facts: This year, #DaretobeKind will be featuring 100 stories of extraordinary kindness and courage in a best-selling book and you have a chance to be part of it! Individuals can submit a story and win a chance to be featured in an upcoming bestseller.

The book will be a compilation of stories chosen by readers through a simple thumbs up voting selection process on contest stories. Stories submitted to the Kindness Story Contest that have the most votes are guaranteed to be published. Go here to submit a story to the contest. 

Have questions? Go to the above-mentioned link and click on the Q&A tab for info on guidelines and the whole process. Keep in mind, once you enter the story into the contest, you can and should get your family and friends to vote on your story. So be sure to share a link your kindness contest story to your social media accounts!

With kindness and anticipation, The Kind-Team

P.S.: Check out this awesome glimpse into the power of sharing stories.