Sep 10, 2018

September Update + Introducing “Contributors”!

A big hello from the Kind-Team!

Here’s the latest update from us on the movement, what’s going well, what’s going not-so-well, and other tidbits you might be interested in!


YOU! The founder, Gabriella van Rij, has been able to interview many of you personally, listen to your stories, and hear of how kindness touched your life. Many of these interviews have been recorded and we’re working on transcribing them and getting them posted!

If you’d like to be interviewed for the site, you can contact us at


It seems that some people have stories that would be fantastic for the website—but they think they need permission to post to the readers’ stories page. You don’t need to wait for permission! Post away! We can’t wait to hear from you! All it takes is filling out some very basic information and the site will walk you through the rest of the process.

Is writing not your thing? A video clip or an audio clip is also just as good!

Feeling shy? Want a little help? Write in to if you’d like a little boost in publishing your story!  

You may have noticed that some of the entries on the site have a “contributor” label. “Contributors” are individuals who

(a)    have committed to contributing their talents to the D2BK movement and
(b)    are active in their promotion of the D2BK site on social media and within their circle of influence.

A shout-out to Rainbow Rabbit, Solomon Powell, and Genevieve Mayer for taking up the torch as our first contributors!

Got any other questions for us? Send them our way and we’ll answer in the next update!

With kindness,
The Kind-Team